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We are honored to share some comments that we have received from clients, opposing counsel, arbitrators, and members of the community. We trust that you will be equally pleased with the quality of care and representation you receive from Investor Defenders. Please note: Every case is unique, and past successes can never guarantee future outcomes.

I highly recommend Darlene Pasieczny. She is a lawyer who is personable, knowledgeable, and responsive. Darlene has the unique ability to provide very clear explanations of the legal process every step of the way. From the first time I spoke with her about my lawsuit, to the successful conclusion, Darlene was always the support I needed.

Client, Dispute with Financial Advisor

Thank you for the time and expertise you shared . . . You were calm, cool and collected as you took on the appeal. The 3 C’s (calm, cool, collected) was a total [trustor] motto and you showed it effortlessly! You are appreciated.

Trustee of Trust

Hope you have had a great year and we wish you and yours the best in the Holiday season. We fondly and gratefully remember all the efforts you made on behalf of N*** and I. Without a doubt our lives have been changed forever by meeting you.”

A Client, 8 years later

Thank you Darlene. It was great to meet you, get to know you, and welcome you to the Oregon bar. You’ve associated with a great lawyer and consummate professional. We saw enough of you to know that you share those values and ability; you will enjoy a successful career. You folks put on an excellent case and we were, to say the least, extremely nervous about the outcome. I appreciate your kind remarks and look forward to having the chance to work on cases in the future. Good luck!

Opposing Counsel

Thank you for all you did to represent us. For me you represent all that is good in the Law profession. You were honest, fair, hard working, and ethical. What more can you ask? Once again thank you for all you did.


I’d like to tell you how pleased I am with the professional service you have provided my sister. I have read your detailed explanations as to each phase of the litigation process and have been impressed with the clarity and thoroughness of each communication. My sister was most fortunate to have received a referral to you for legal services. Thank you for shepherding her through this emotionally trying experience.

Judge and sister of client

I greatly appreciate your efforts on my behalf. Thank you.


I want to Thank You All for taking our case . We received the first check in the mail. Thank you so much. This was not something we wanted to happen, but seems it’s the course this world is taking with national problems. I have truly learned a lesson about getting involved with something I know little about. It just seemed to be so easy in the beginning that I thought I was on the right path with retirement.


I know P**** has expressed her sincere thanks to you, but I wanted to do the same and let you know how much I appreciate your time and the professionalism with which you have handled this matter. We will hope and pray that P**** sees you soon.


You provide a wonderful service to our community’s elders.

Retirement Home

First of all, I would like to thank the attorneys for the very professional and interesting manner in which this case was presented. Although the case took three long days to present the evidence, I found the presentations interesting and informative, and hope that I learned something myself about an effective way to present a business litigation case that often times would seem boring to lay persons. I also enjoyed the closing arguments, which I found very helpful.

Arbitrator Comments

I really enjoyed working on the case with you because you represented your clients so well not just as an advocate but also as a counselor. And your advocacy had real credibility in the other room while your judgment made the difference in your room. So congratulations to you.


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